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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Trend Watch: Identity Management Top 5

Author: Mark Dixon
Friday, February 1, 2013
4:53 pm

This week’s Oracle Information InDepth Security newsletter, “Inside Out Edition,” featured comments from Vadim Lander, Oracle’s chief identity architect on key trends that will shape identity management in 2013 and beyond. The trends he described are:

  1. Mobility Is Gaining Momentum
  2. Identity Management as a Service Is Emerging
  3. A Trend Towards Portable Identity
  4. Authentication Services Are Evolving
  5. Organizations Continue to Move from Silos to Centralized Systems

I was particularly intrigued by his comments on portable identity:

I expect Oracle customers using Oracle applications via SaaS will increasingly use their Oracle Cloud identity as the identity for a chunk of their user populations, rather than trying to maintain multiple identities in their on-premises system.  Since Oracle is already maintaining a cloud identity for every Oracle Cloud user, that identity is portable as far as the user is concerned. Even if users leave the organization, their Oracle identity can still belong to them as they change jobs. Just as your Google or Facebook identity can provide portability, your Oracle identity may be able to provide the equivalent in a business context.

Oracle as businss IdP?  Intriguing thought.

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