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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Resurrecting =mgd

Author: Mark Dixon
Wednesday, April 3, 2013
8:46 pm


XRI - An extensible resource identifier (abbreviated XRI) – a scheme and resolution protocol for abstract identifiers compatible with uniform resource identifiers and internationalized resource identifiers, developed by the XRI Technical Committee at OASIS. 

i-name – a human readable XRI intended to be as easy as possible for people to remember and use.

I recently received an email from Drummond Reed with his usual =drummond signature at the bottom.  It made me remember that I had once registered my own ii-name, “=mgd”.  I had never really used it, but still see it as an intriguing concept – my own, persistent identifier that aligns nicely with my Twitter handle, @mgd.  (I still regret that I didn’t register the mgd.com domain when I had a chance.)

So, now =mgd is alive and active, registered at 1id.com.  You can request contact with me by clicking on the =mgd link here or on the =mgd icon in this post or on the sidebar.

I’m still not certain how I’ll use =mgd beyond this, but Drummond told me some interesting things are on the near horizon.

By the way – clicking on my other i-name, =markdixon, will take you to my about.me page.  I’m slowly trying to weave my social media presence together.

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