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Saturday, May 25, 2024

Huawei Denies Security Threat Allegations

Information Security
Author: Mark Dixon
Sunday, September 9, 2012
9:12 pm

On August 28th, I blogged that CNET reported on a congressional committee that wanted to know whether Huawei was a national security threat.

According in an article this week in ThreatPost, Huawei issued a position paper addressing the allegations.  John Suffolk, Huawei’s global cyber security officer stated:

“We have never damaged any nation or had the intent to steal any national intelligence, enterprise secrets or breach personal privacy and we will never support or tolerate such activities, nor will we support any entity from any country who may wish us to undertake an activity that would be deemed illegal in any country.

“Huawei does not, and would not, support, condone or conduct activities intended to acquire sensitive information related to any country, company or individual, nor do we knowingly allow our technology to be used for illegal purposes.”

Whether or not Huawei is culpable has yet to be proven or disproven conclusively, but the current tenuous conditions in the cybersecurity field has many people on edge.  The ThreatPost article quoted Shawn Henry, a former FBI official:

“It’s hard to explain the threat to some organizations. Some people get it, but many don’t. The entire threat out there is kind of like an iceberg. The part that most people hear about is the part above the water line, the unclassified threats. People don’t hear about what’s below the water line, which is everything that’s happening in the classified environments. It doesn’t get a lot of attention outside of the classified environment, but I can tell you that it’s deep and broad and extensive.”

It is indeed a challenging world we live in. Let’s be careful out there!


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