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Saturday, May 18, 2024

Source Doc: Cybersecurity, Innovation and The Internet Economy

Information Security, Source Doc
Author: Mark Dixon
Friday, June 10, 2011
10:09 pm

Cybersecurity DocumentThe Department Of Commerce  Internet Policy Task Force recently released a “green paper” document entitled, “Cybersecurity, Innovation and The Internet Economy

Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke stated in his introductory message:

The following report – or green paper – recommends consideration of a new framework for addressing internet security issues for companies outside the orbit of critical infrastructure or key resources. While securing energy, financial, health and other resources remain vital, the future of the innovation and the economy will depend on the success of Internet companies and ensuring that these companies are trusted and secure is essential. This is the area of our focus.

The report recommends that the U. S. government and stakeholders come together to promote security standards to address emerging issues. It also proposes that the government continue to support both innovations in security and on the Internet more broadly. We believe this framework will both improve security at home and around the world so that Internet services can continue to provide a vital connection for trade and commerce, civic participation, and social interaction around the globe.

I haven’t yet read the complete document but, but look forward to understanding the policy recommendations laid out in the document and seeing how they influence the improvement of information security in the years going forward.

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