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Saturday, May 25, 2024

Personal Medical Files to go Online

Author: Mark Dixon
Friday, June 4, 2010
9:06 am

image Thanks to Mike Waddingham for sharing the link to an article in the Canadian National Post on Monday:

“Telus announced an electronic health service yesterday that will give patients instant online access to all their medical files.”

Telus chief executive Darren Entwistle said this move will "revolutionize" health care:

"Now, Canadians will have the ability to create, store and manage their personal health information across their computers and smartphones and, in the future, TVs," Mr. Entwistle said in an announcement at an e-health conference in Vancouver.

"In a world where wireless network technology has enabled powerful mobile computing, their health information can be right at their fingertips, wherever their lifestyles or business travels take them because their smart-phone will accompany them."

The article further states:

In a demonstration, Telus officials showed how a patient could start a personal health record, inputting their own information — from childhood vaccinations, to allergies, to blood pressure readings — to share with their doctors, pharmacists and other health-care providers.

In turn, patients would have access to their medical records, so if they move, see a specialist or end up unexpectedly in an emergency department, vital health information would be instantly available.

Parents would be able to start and maintain health records for their children.

I applaud this type of automation that puts more control of personal health information in the hands of consumers.  While it certainly demands necessary privacy and security controls, this move recognizes the need to make health records from multiple sources more available, which should lead to improved health care and reduced costs.

It will be interesting to seek how quickly this type of system become available in the US.

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