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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

A Tribute to Friends

Author: Mark Dixon
Saturday, January 30, 2010
6:40 am

As Sun transitions into Oracle, the bright expectations of new opportunities have been accompanied with the gut-wrenching impact of learning which friends were not invited to make the leap.  Thursday and Friday were difficult for me, as I heard from outstanding people I have learned to admire and trust that they were opening new doors in their lives.

As a tribute to them and all other friends I have come to know and respect during my sojourn at Sun, I offer a few lines I penned several years ago …

tapestryA Tapestry Of Miracles

Like brilliant golden strands
Woven delicately yet boldly
Among more dreary threads
To create a magnificent tapestry,
Our lives converge
In brief but sparkling brightness,
And then intertwine into
Radiant relationships
Borne of common hopes and dreams.

Countless encounters
Of human souls,
Guided by an unseen hand,
Link our lives together,
Creating cascading
Miracles of light,
Illuminating our hearts and minds
Amidst the harshness and the gloom
Of mortal life,
Ever weaving and preparing
The glorious, eternal tapestry
Of humankind.

Mark G. Dixon
November 15, 1996

Photo credit: A quilt entitled “The Woodpeckers” by Kathy Swartz, based on a tapestry of the same name by William Morris.

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