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Saturday, May 18, 2024

PlusMo – Take This Blog With You

Author: Mark Dixon
Tuesday, March 18, 2008
12:36 pm

Subscribe to Discovering Identity on your cell phoneIf you glance at the left sidebar on this blog today, you will see a striking resemblance of me on a little phone. If you click on my face, you will be taken to the PlusMo website, and led through a simple process to enable delivery of this blog and many other news feeds to your mobile phone. The PlusMo application was easy to configure, simple to download and a delight to use. If you can stand to see my face as an icon on your phone, I think you will enjoy the service.

Thanks to my colleague Dave Williams for pointing this out to me.

Plusmo uses the IBM Java Virtual Machine on my Palm 700p device. Plusmo runs on almost all J2ME, Windows Smart Phone, Windows PDA, Blackberry and Treo phones.

The Plusmo technology is described in this excerpt from their website: “Plusmo’s patent-pending Widget Engine has a tiny XHTML based microbrowser with Javascript and a complete framework to install, provision, render and manage mobile widgets. Plusmo is packed with smart mobile features to enable instant access to all your personalized information. Background downloads, smart synchronization and local caching enable widgets to run offline even when there is no data connectivity. You will also save on network bandwidth with built-in compression and incremental updates.”

Give it a try. It’s great stuff!

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