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Friday, July 19, 2024

YJJ Architecture: Who are the Users?

Yellow Jeep Journey, YJJ Architecture
Author: Mark Dixon
Friday, March 7, 2014
5:07 pm


When I prepare my Jeep for a long Yellow Jeep Journey, who would possibly use the technology?  What should the User Interface support?

I expect that users will roughly fall into four groups:

  1. Driver:  The guy who drives the Jeep 
  2. Passengers:  People who come along for the ride
  3. Observers:  Folks to may want to monitor trip from afar
  4. Technical Support:  People who keep the technology running.

I expect that any one individual may act in any of these roles over time.

I presume that information will be either near real-time (representing stuff that is happening now), or historical (data collected over a period of time).  The user interface should provide tools to appropriately display and interact with either real time or historical data for each category of users.

I suppose that the types of interactions for each type of user include those listed below:

Drivers will be interested in such things as:

  • Engine health
  • Location/position
  • Direction being traveled
  • Destination and directions
  • Weather – current and forecast

Passengers may be interested in thing such as

  • Route planning
  • Response to observers questions and comments
  • Updating blogs and articles while traveling

Observers may be interested where they Jeep has been and what is happening

  • Location
  • Direction
  • Destination
  • Route travelled
  • Weather
  • Photos, video, audio recordings, blog posts.

Technical support folks may want to monitor

  • Health of the electronics
  • Alarms and warnings

Do you have any other ideas?  What would you like to see on this blog or accompanying website if you were to monitor my long Yellow Jeep Journey?

Thanks for your input.

Roll on Yellow Jeep Journey!

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