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Friday, July 19, 2024

Scarce Interest in Verifying my Identity

Author: Mark Dixon
Friday, July 29, 2011
6:09 am

On December 10, 2009, I posted a short piece on this blog about Trufina, a company providing online identity verification services.  For a long time, I had a visible Trufina badge on the blog, so someone could click on it to verify that I was, indeed, the very Mark Dixon I claimed to be.  Since no one expressed interest, I took the badge off my main page.

Just this week, over 18 months later, one person actually clicked on the link in my December 2009 post and requested verification of my identity – not so much that he was interested in my identity as he was in the process of validating online identities.

I have concluded that this dearth of activity must have something to do with the following:

  1. My blog is rarely read.
  2. People aren’t interested in Trufina.
  3. People just don’t care about validation of online identities.
  4. A combination of the above.

By the way, I have never received a single request from someone via Tru.ly, the similar service whose badge I now display on the right most column of this blog. But I must be patient.  I just signed up for Tru.ly in March, 2011.  I have 14 more months before I can really compare the popularity of Tru.ly and Trufina.


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