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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

IAM Best Practices – Prescriptions for Success?

Author: Mark Dixon
Saturday, October 8, 2011
5:49 am

What are the most frequent requests I hear from Identity and Access Management customers?  “How can I use this stuff most effectively?”  “What are the best practices?”

Features and functions, speeds and feeds are not front and center in the dialog.  The main topic of conversation tends to revolve around the best practices for using IAM to business advantage.  What have we collectively learned that will make success easier to achieve and more predictable?

In the maturing IAM industry, we have made great strides in learning how to install and configure IAM technology.  Many companies have learned how to derive business value from IAM.  Unfortunately, we haven’t done a good job of consistently documenting and sharing the experiences we have all gained in making it all really work. We have not consistently distilled experience gained into prescriptive recipes for success.  Customer success stories provide good anecdotal evidence, but fall short of being prescriptions for success.  We have precious few white papers that focus on how to make things work, rather than on extolling features and functions.

It would be an interesting exercise to interview a wide range of companies that have implemented IAM, derive from that body of collective knowledge what really works and what doesn’t, and present that information in a set of best practices that can help others succeed.  Book idea? We’ll see.


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