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Friday, July 19, 2024

Gartner IAM Summit: Amit Jasuja on “Bridging the IT and Business Divide with Identity Intelligence”

Author: Mark Dixon
Tuesday, November 16, 2010
6:03 am

As a holder of a lowly exhibit pass at the Gartner IAM Summit, the only conference session where I was officially welcomed was the Oracle vendor session, where Amit Jasuja, Vice President, Oracle Identity Management, addressed the subject, “Bridging the IT and Business Divide with Identity Intelligence.”

Some of the the key points Amit stressed include:

  1. A major Identity and Access Management problem is having only a partial view of Identity information that doesn’t give you the complete picture.
  2. Correlating identity data can be difficult, because the data resides in multiple identity data silos.
  3. The solution is to collect, compile and correlate identity into an Identity Warehouse.
  4. Many applications can access and leverage the the Identity Warehouse, including role governance, change management,  IT Audit Policy Monitoring, risk assessment, configuration analysis and access certification.
  5. A business glossary, which assign business terms to cryptic technical terms, helps an Identity Warehouse deliver real business value.
  6. The Identity Warehouse and related applications help an organization go beyond compliance and build trust in the organization.
  7. The Identity Warehouse can provide a complete view of your environment today.
  8. Oracle’s solution to tackle these issues is Oracle Identity Analytics.

I like the term “Identity Intelligence.”  Using analytical methods to extract intelligence from massive amounts of identity data is a smart thing to do.

I had a brief discussion last night with a customer who basically said, “We have the data. We just need the ability to manage it and extract the value.” 

Well said.  That’s what Amit’s talk was all about.

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