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Saturday, May 25, 2024

Digital ID World – Day 2

Author: Mark Dixon
Tuesday, September 15, 2009
9:37 pm

didw09 Today was really the first “official” day of the Digital ID World conference, but for me – Day 2.  So, here are some short highlights of the sessions I attended.

Cops and Robbers, Las Vegas Style – Jeff Jonas, Chief Scientist, IBM Entity Analytic Solutions

  • Las Vegas is his “laboratory” for identity analytics – resorts typically have 100+ systems and 20,000+ sensors
  • Context engines close the gap between the rapidly increasing amount of digital data and the less rapid growth of “sense-making” algorithms
  • Mobile operators are accumulating 600 billion cellphone transaction records annually and are selling this data to third parties who use advanced analytics to identify space/time/travel characteristics of individual people

Context Automation – Phil Windley, CTO, Kyntetx

  • Current focus in web marketing is focused on servers, using the metaphor of “location”
  • Focus on “purpose” from the client’s perspective, using an intelligent, adaptable browser, will bridge between server-based silos to give users a richer, more purposeful experience

The Implications of Privacy on IDM – Larry Ponemon, Founder and Chairman, Ponemon Institute

  • Many cultural differences are evident between nations and areas of the world with regard to privacy, security and identity management expectations.
  • Companies doing business internationally will need to be sensitive to cultural and legal issues in the nations where they do business.
  • People are growing tired of fact-based identity
  • Perceptions of privacy are inextricably linked to identity and authentication

Business Process and Legal Issues in Cross-Org Secure Collaboration – Peter McLaughlin, Foley & Lardner

  • Regulatory language should be treated as a floor, rather than a ceiling
  • Normal industry practices may represent minimum requirements but may not guarantee compliance
  • Make sure your business partners abide by same laws your company is subject to
  • Reputational risk will always stay with your company, but you may seek to share financial risk with partners

Identity Governance Frameworks – Marc Lindsey, Levine, Blazak, Block & Bootby

  • Legal agreements seek to apportion liability – who is responsible for what?
  • Comprehensive frameworks for governing such agreements are emerging
  • Modern federation agreements need to be better than the old EDI agreements

Dealing with International Privacy Laws – Discussion led by Larry Ponemon, Founder and Chairman, Ponemon Institute

  • Complex international privacy laws affecting data transport hamper organizations’ ability to do their legitimate work.
  • Will it be easier or harder to deal with international differences in privacy laws in five years?  (majority of audience said no)

Federation is Dead: Long Live the Federation Fabric – Symplified

  • Federation must move to utility model to overcome issues of costs and complexity associated with one-to-one integration.

Building Good Practices into Your Processes – Edward Higgins, Vice President of Security Services, Digital Discovery Corporation

  • Education of employees on good security practices is critical part of getting value from your IDM investment



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