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Thursday, April 25, 2024

Betting on the Cloud

Author: Mark Dixon
Thursday, June 18, 2009
9:09 am

I learned this morning of about a Isos Technology, a small Tempe, AZ, based company that is betting its business on cloud computing:

"Isos Technology has moved their entire server infrastructure into the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.  All web, application and database server components have been installed and bundled in Amazon Machine Images (AMI), which can be used to create cloned instances of each migrated server.  All persistent data has been moved to Amazon’s Elastic Block Storage (EBS) drives, ensuring the data is not lost if the servers are shut down.  An additional benefit is that any of these drives can be moved to new instances of the AMIs for instant scalability if the load on any of the components warrants the addition of a new instance.  The server instances are reserved instances which guarantee availability and decrease costs.  Elastic IP addresses have been associated with the new servers and registered with Isos’ registrar to allow the outside world access to all of the content which was previously available from Isos."

With all the focus on cloud computing today, it is always interesting to learn of companies that are actually using this technology.  It will be interesting to hear from Isos in a couple of years to learn if they made the right decision.

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