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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Tactical Advantage: Open Source changes the escalation process

Author: Mark Dixon
Wednesday, October 15, 2008
4:17 am

Last night I got an email from Martin Gee, CTO of IC Synergy, pointing out some intriguing blog posts he had written about Access Request functionality his company has created to augment Sun Identity Management software.

I will post comments Martin’s post on these subjects soon, but I would first like to share a comment Martin made in a post he drafted back in August, entitled “What good is Open Source without Support?

After describing how one of the talented IC Synergy engineers was able to fix a thorny problem because he had access to Open Source code, Martin opined,

“Open Source changes the escalation process. If you have folks that are talented enough to navigate the product code base, interpret the functionally and recompile the code, you have a tactical advantage. Typically you’d work the forums and support process for a couple of weeks with mixed results. Now, in most situations you can by pass layers of support and shorten the patch process. Win / Win in my book.”

“Tactical advantage” makes business sense. For IC Synergy at least, Open Source isn’t just nice to have. It makes a real difference to their business.

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