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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Sensor-triggered Personalized Services

Author: Mark Dixon
Tuesday, September 9, 2008
8:50 pm

Sun Microsystems SunSpot sensor that was demoed sending message via Sun Identity-enabled service delivery architecture.My colleague Louie Pfortmiller showed me a great demo today. The Sun Spot wireless sensor shown on the left of this photo is equipped with an accelerometer and wireless transceiver. In Louie’s demo, shaking the device triggered an event management workflow process in Sun’s Identity-enabled service orchestration architecture to send a personalized SMS message to a cell phone.

A simple demo (and terrible photo), but the concept is rife with possible applications. Suppose the sensor was really a bracelet on your elderly grandmother’s arm. If she fell, you and your chosen medical provider could be automatically notified.

A pedometer/exercise meter could measure and transmit your personal workout detail to your fitness database and allow you to view results on your mobile phone or television screen.

Detected intrusion in your home could alert you and allow you to monitor your house via web cam to your phone.

And these are just a few use cases. Project Destination, an initiative I lead for Sun, is all about providing the infrastructure to deliver highly personalized, context-aware, blended services to online users across the “screens of your life.” When you couple sensor technologies with Identity, personalization and service orchestration techniques, you can get some powerful results.

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