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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Catalyst: Identity Management – Are We There Yet?

Author: Mark Dixon
Wednesday, June 25, 2008
1:41 pm

The leadoff session in the Burton Group Catalyst Conference featured Jamie Lewis, Chief Executive Officer and Research Chair of the Burton Group. Key points include:

  • The need for business transformation often collides with IT transformation. Both sides struggle. We need a more unified approach that address the needs of business and IT.
  • Federation isn’t magic, but it’s still valuable. Customers really to see the need for it.
  • Recommendations for enterprise Identity Management implementations
    • Have an architecture
    • Every project is an installment on the overall architecture
    • Do what makes sense for your organization
  • Relationships provide context for Identity. We must seek to understand relationships and relationship management.
  • On the subject of Internet or User-centric Identity, the industry is suspended over a chasm between Enterprise Identity Management and consumer-oriented ideas of Identity. Extreme asymetries will not solve the problem. Solutions will not be pure enterprise IdM, nor pure user centrism.

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