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Exploring the science and magic of Identity and Access Management
Saturday, May 18, 2024

Exploring the OpenID World

Author: Mark Dixon
Friday, June 8, 2007
4:37 am

Some more adventures on web sites using OpenID

Sudokular allows me to play Sudoku on line, which I enjoy much less than on paper. I guess I’m old fashioned.

On Jyte, I can make sane or ridiculous claims to see what others think, and vote on what others say. So far, no one has responded to my claim that “Jyte is a parlor game with virtual friends,” but twelve have agreed and no one disagreed that “Arizona has dry heat, but it has a lot of it.” Fifteen folks disagreed, and no one agreed with my claim that “I was stabbed in the chest with a pitchfork and survived,” which is absolutely true. What do you think?

ClaimID may have more lasting promise. Recommended by John Drinkwater in response to my recent post, ClaimID looks like an interesting place where I can lay claim to various bits of web presence I have established at numerous places in cyberspace.

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