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Saturday, May 25, 2024

Michelle Dennedy on the Horror of “Losing”

Author: Mark Dixon
Thursday, May 31, 2007
4:15 am

Last night, I listened to and blogged about Leslie Lambert’s podcast about Identity and Information Security. At one point, Leslie was discussing with her hosts the potential disaster of losing a mobile smart phone with its rich collection of Identity information. As the precise time this discussion was proceeding, I was reading Michelle Dennedy’s blog, detailing how she lost her Java smartcard that “serves as both my access to my work facilities and as my workstation access card for my Sun Ray thin client.”

Michelle, Sun’s Chief Privacy Officer, then warns us all of the danger of carrying loads of important data on our laptop computers and smart phones. She strongly admonishes, “If you find that you have lost or have had your device stolen, run– do not walk– to your privacy and security teams. Speed is your best weapon to prevent harm when data goes wandering free. (If you don’t have p & s teams, you really must get started. Switch off that 8 track & get with it already.)”

I do hope the coincidence of receiving advice about losing data from two of Sun’s ranking security officers at the same time is not a portent of bad things to come in my life.

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