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Thursday, April 25, 2024

Mission Alignment and JavaOne

Author: Mark Dixon
Thursday, May 10, 2007
12:06 am

In 1995, I finally took the time to record a personal mission statement in six brief lines, as a result of some deep introspection inspired by Tom Peters and Steve Covey. I have reflected over the years that for me, writing a personal mission statement was not so much declaring what I wanted to become, but more like decoding my inbred DNA – discoverying my own Identity. I was able to capture, in a few short lines, the essence of who I am and the purpose of my existence.

In the opening session of JavaOne Tuesday morning, I had a small epiphany about the alignment between parts of my personal mission and that of my employer, Sun Microsystems.

Scott McNealy, Jonathan Schwartz and Rich Green shared the stage with Dr. Djibril Diallo, Director of the United Nations New York Office of Sport for Development and Peace, to promote Sun’s initiative to “reach the rest of humanity” with the “Network in your Hand” and free educational curriculum from Curriki.org for people everywhere.

Interestingly enough, points 4-6 in my mission statement read:

  • Provide for my family with integrity and honor
  • Serve my fellowmen with empathy and compassion
  • Enhance human freedom through global electronic communications

You see, much of the purpose of my life is tied up in providing for my family in a way that allows me to serve people and promote human liberty. I have long held the belief the knowledge of the truth sets people free, that oppressive political powers will eventually fall in the face of those who learn the truth, and that global electronic communications is our best hope for the liberation of mankind.

It is heartening to play a small role in a company with which I share a vision of the future.

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