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Saturday, July 13, 2024


Author: Mark Dixon
Saturday, April 7, 2007
7:09 am

My Dad taught me the truism, “Keep your eyes and ears open and you’ll learn something new every day.”

Today, I learned a new word, “Marketroid,” courtesy of Martin Hardee, who commented on yesterday’s post.

Answers.com defines Marketroid as “marketing slime, marketeer, mar�ket�ing droid, marketdroid. A member of a company’s marketing department, esp. one who promises users that the next version of a product will have features that are not actually scheduled for inclusion, are extremely difficult to implement, and/or are in violation of the laws of physics; and/or one who describes existing features (and misfeatures) in ebullient, buzzword-laden adspeak. Derogatory. Compare droid.”

I’ve met some of those folks in my day, present company to be excluded, I’m sure.

I wonder what attributes marketroids have attached to their Identities?

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