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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Treo Blogging Attempts

Author: Mark Dixon
Tuesday, March 27, 2007
3:35 am

Just a quick report on my attempts to blog from my Treo 700p. This little exercise has fallen way short of my expectations. I tried u*Blog, HBlogger, BlogPlanet, and finally, mo:Blog.

I was able to blog text messages with 3 out of the 4. It turns out that BlogPlanet requires a Java Virtual Machine for Palm that Sun gave up on a couple of years ago. I found a copy, but BlogPlanet froze my Treo, and couldn’t successfully post a message using the IBM JVM.

It seems that real development in this area has ground to a halt. For example, the mo:Blog download page provides the “latest stable build,” dated April, 2005. It offers a “bleeding edge” release dated March 2006 with this caveat, “Bleeding edge releases contain the latest features, but are in no way fully tested. If you are not afraid of frequent crashes and other annoyances and want to contribute to the production of mo:Blog, then these builds are for you. Do not complain if something is broken or if these builds break anything else besides your PDA … you have been warned!” (I couldn’t get it to work).

I think the message I got back from BlogPlanet tech support told the story of my poor experience: “sorry, no idea. I didn’t follow this topic any more. Just google for running MIDlets on Palm. I’m sure there is still a way to do this.”

It just seems that the Participation Age is not yet as portable as I’d like it to be. So, as I await anxiously, but perhaps in vain, for some progress in this area, let me share the photo I tried to post with my Treo last night. It was taken with my Treo camera last Friday evening, but posted this morning the old fashioned way, using w.bloggar and manual photo upload from my PC.

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One Response to “Treo Blogging Attempts”

    I use Vagablog to post to my website from my Treo 680 with no problems, and the footprint for Vagablog is very small. The interface isn’t “sexy” (it looks mostly like Palm’s Notepad application), but it gets the job done. The only problem I have is that it cannot upload pictures.

    Comment by Dave on March 28, 2007 at 5:48 am

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