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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Identity Trends – What Do You Think?

Author: Mark Dixon
Thursday, January 25, 2007
6:21 am

May I ask for your assistance, please? I am working to compile a prioritized list of the most important trends in the Digital Identity marketplace. Would you please review the following list (purposely not in priority order) and offer your comments about which ones you believe will have the greatest economic or social impact in the next 3-5 years? Please feel free to add your own, cross some off the list or otherwise critique what I have posted. Any input would be appreciated.

  1. User centric identity is growing in prominence for both consumer and enterprise applications
  2. Customer-focused commerce models including VRM are growing in prominence
  3. Identity functionality is increasingly delivered as sets of services, rather than monolithic applications
  4. Autonomous organizations offering Identity services, both within and outside the enterprise, are becoming more prominent
  5. More template-driven rapid implementation methods are being used to reduce Identity Management implementation time
  6. Identity federation is increasingly implemented on a broad scale
  7. Business processes are increasingly engineered to integrate Identity from the start, rather than attaching Identity after the fact
  8. The scope of Identity Management strategies will increasingly expand beyond operating systems, applications, directories and databases to integrate network access control and physical access control
  9. Digital Identity methods will increasingly be used by governments to track citizens and enable e-government applications
  10. Customers will increasingly demand strong integration among various components in Identity product and service suites
  11. Standards-based interoperability among multiple products from different will be increasingly demanded by customers
  12. Physical or virtual consolidation of customer Identities will increasingly enable vendors to have a single view of their customers

Thanks for your help. I’ll publish an analysis of what I receive in a future article

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2 Responses to “Identity Trends – What Do You Think?”

    Privacy Management and policy-driven identity lifecycle management. These are additional important aspects/trends that are going to affect IdM solutions in the future, both from a compliance and an operational perspective. The main drivers are going to be: (1) the raising rate of identity thefts, misuses of identity information and violation of privacy rights; (2) need for compliance to (new) legislation; (3) people expectations and their awareness of risks; (4) need to manipualte the lifecycle of identity information in complex, distributed/federated contexts

    Comment by Marco Casassa Mont on January 25, 2007 at 9:36 am

    Mark, I think you hit on most of the trends a layer down from where I’ve seen things going.
    I see there being an awareness of identity in a truer more core sense, where SSN as username and password aren’t cutting it anymore. What is the alternative/replacement is the question here.
    Is federation an attempt at privacy and identity working closely together and allowing ‘access control’ to my identity one attribute at a time while always protecting my DNA?
    I have seen an incredible uptick in companies wanting to solve the identity problems in the network layer because if they control things in the network the servers and applications are by default secured. It’s an Identity Trifecta
    The other area that I have seen start to bloom is machine identity (not MAC or IP adresses) which has an implied and real value of privacy because a machine does not identify a user, but could be used to identify a user.
    That’s my two cents right now.

    Comment by Mark MacAuley on January 25, 2007 at 6:46 pm

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