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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

There are no spectators anymore. Participate.

Author: Mark Dixon
Thursday, January 4, 2007
7:36 pm

No. I didn’t coin that phrase. Neither did Scott McNealy or Jonathan Schwartz. This phrase is a subtitle on an interesting blog, The Social Customer Manifesto, authored by Christopher Carfi, co-founder of Cerado, Inc.

I was intrigued first by Christopher’s commentary here and here on the emerging VRM movement. Then I was caught by the title and subtitle of his blog.

First, the main title: “The Social Customer Manifesto.” This sounds a bit militant, but rings true. Consumers in the participation age have the access to information that puts them in control. We individually can choose what we buy – when, where and how. Declaring independence from the chains of big, bad, oppressive vendors seems like a logical conclusion when consumers are armed with information and the means to exploit it.

Second, the subtitle: “There are no spectators anymore. Participate.” This is more a challenge than a current reality. Some may choose not to participate, but they will be doomed to languish on the sidelines of a changing world.

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