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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Tiny Pink Hat in Mongolia

Author: Mark Dixon
Sunday, June 18, 2006
1:59 pm

Mongolian Baby - 'Inkchin'My 19-year-old son, Eric, is serving a two-year church mission in Murun, Mongolia. We are constantly amazed at the unique and wonderful things he experiences. May we share one of these special moments with you?

While Eric was studying the Mongolian language in Provo, Utah, last fall, his older sister Angie sent him a tiny pink hat my wife, Claudia, had loomed, to announce that Angie was going to give birth to a baby girl.

In early April, a tiny baby girl was born about a month prematurely to a member of the Murun congregation where Eric is serving. Eric gave this tiny baby the precious little pink hat he had received from Angie.

The baby’s family requested that the missionaries choose a name for the little girl! Eric and his companions narrowed the list down to three prospective names and printed each on a piece of paper. The other daughter in the family picked one of the slips of paper out of one missionary’s hand to choose the final name.

Her name is “Inkchin,” which means “peace.”

Last week, Angie received this photo with a letter from Eric, completing this little circle of love.

Inkchin is almost the same age as Angie’s daughter Chloe. It makes you wonder what the future might bring for Chloe and Inkchin, growing up in such vastly distant cultures, linked at one moment in time by a tiny pink hat and an American missionary, Eric Dixon.

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