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Friday, July 19, 2024

Bob, I’m Back!

Author: Mark Dixon
Thursday, April 13, 2006
7:05 pm

Today, I attended the Sun Identity Manager user’s group meeting in Dallas, Texas. One of the first people I met was Bob Horn, Sun’s Director of Identity Management Sales in the United States. The first thing he asked was why I hadn’t blogged for a long time!

This proves at least two things:

  • Sales guys do read blogs.
  • People have noticed my absence.

And it is nice to be noticed. I told Bob I’d post an article to my blog before I retired for the night!

I do have a few pretty good excuses. I’m busier at Sun than I’ve ever been (which is good). But let me show you the prettiest two reasons:

Meet Eve Dixon, who was born to my son and his wife on March 4th, and Chloe Dunn, who was born to my daughter and her husband on April 9th. These beautiful little girls are our fourth and fifth grandchildren. It’s frankly more fun being with the family than writing blogs!

But Bob and Terry and others who asked about my blogging absence — I’ll promise to find some time away from the girls to offer some thoughts here on the blog! Stay tuned.

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