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Saturday, May 25, 2024

Google vs. Yahoo

Author: Mark Dixon
Wednesday, January 18, 2006
5:26 pm

Rohan Pinto posted a thought-provoking article about the relative merits of Google and Yahoo in the race for Web 2.0 dominance.

I took a quick inventory of how I used the two services:

I use Google for search, maps, RSS news feeds and email (infrequently).

I use Yahoo for Flickr (photo posting and RSS feeds), instant messaging, groups and email (rarely).

I guess it’s about a standoff for me.

One ironic thing, however. If you Google SUNW, Yahoo Finance is the first item on the list.



One Response to “Google vs. Yahoo”

    Wanst my post a good example of one can get wierd thoughts after a couple of beers ? 😉

    but in any case, my point was that we all tend to harp on google and it’s technology and it’s stock price etc. We forget that there sure are others in this game who are not too far behind…

    Google just launched google video and google pack, so what ? yahoo has been doing it’s bit too. like working on building a real web2.0.

    web 2.0 is all about participation…. <em>(i gues so)</em> and I think that yahoo is way ahead… just look at ISP’s. all or most of them are yahoo partners…. del.icio.us yahoo’s go them, upcoming.org, yahoo’s got them too, overture, etc.. etc…

    Like Jonathan said, the dot com was just a proof of concept. web2.0 and identity2.0 are gonna be production systems.

    <em>BTW: hows the iPod Shuffle ?</em>

    Comment by Rohan Pinto on January 18, 2006 at 6:09 pm

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